Our Programs

Programs for Adults

Radical L.O.V.E. Institute

This professional development series uses the knowledge of Hip-Hop to empower education professionals to engage in healing-centered practice with Black and other minoritized youth. In interactive sessions, educators learn to:

  • promote revolutionary consciousness, critical cultural consciousness & critical self identity for themselves and the youth they work with

  • examine of the dynamics between oppression & liberation

  • explore the five tenets of Hip-Hop as an opportunity to connect to youth

  • learn skills for facilitating small group circles

  • critically examine policies that create barriers to Black and minoritized youth success

Programs for Youth

Furious Kinship + Tranquil Disturbance

This series is a Hip-Hop Based Mentorship program with a Rite of Passage component strategically built in. It is designed to support young people aged 7 to 17. Youth will engage in informal educational activities that center their socialization and maturation processes. Participants build towards a richer and deeper version of their self identity. This building process is intended to allow for greater understanding, resisting, and overcoming oppression and oppressive systems.

Educate 2 Activate

This interactive curriculum engages youth in building skills for critical media literacy while embracing transformative social & emotional learning pedagogical practices, using Hip-Hop as a powerful tool to empower minority youth. Interactive and engaging lessons immerse youth in Hip-Hop to gain knowledge that promotes healing. They engage in research exploring race, class, and gender through Hip-Hop, and gain tools to reflect on their own identities through opportunities to react, create, listen, and respond.